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Filler Up Financial Services Cash Advance Solutions will give your customers an additional option to retrieve cash using multiple options. (pin less credit transaction/pin based debit transaction)

Using state of the art equipment and software, your customer’s transactions are completed quickly and securely.

Our on-site training, manuals, real time transaction monitoring and 24hr support ensure that your cash advance equipment will be up and running when your customers need it most. Our cash advance system can be used with or without the NDU

The Cash Advance Note Dispensing Unit

The Cash Advance Note Dispensing Unit

The Cash Advance Note Dispensing Unit (NDU)
is developed for the purpose of securing and accounting for the secure disbursement of funds.

  • The NDU connects directly to the Computer System allowing direct connection to our Credit Card Cash Advance system.
  • The NDU will perform payouts for each type of transaction in multiples of $20s and $100s.
  • Faster speed allows tellers to process more transactions quickly; increasing productivity, and reducing customer wait times. Secure accountable dispensing with reporting.
  • The NDU is a small compact bill dispenser ideal for behind the bar or casino cage to secure large sums and eliminate dispensing errors.
  • It is controlled via the cashier terminal.

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